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Finca Bavaria Manifesto

At Finca Bavaria we believe that we are passing through the Earth and that our footprint should be as gentle as possible. That's why we are moving away from some common modes of consumption.

Our vision:

- Use of resources and materials: we believe in repairing rather than discarding and we clean rooms during the stay as needed. Towel and service changes are made at the request of the person staying.

- Energy and environmental sustainability: to the extent possible, we use solar energy, ecological cleaning products and we carry out a thorough waste management (reduction of single-use materials, recycling and composting).

- Local foods: to reduce our carbon footprint, we prioritize the consumption of materials from the area, mostly of organic origin. We preferably buy in bulk and we take creative advantage of all the nutritional elements in our preparations.

Responsible and sustainable enjoyment of natural spaces

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