Finca Bavaria


General rules of FINCA BAVARIA

1. The waste must be separated according to material, there are dumps available for this.

2. Quiet hours start at 10PM to 7AM.

3. The entrance gate opening hours start at 6AM and we close at 10PM.

4. The toilet paper goes in the toilet since the piping system is made for that.

5. Do not drink water from the pipe, we have filtered water available in the lunch area.

6. The efficient and conscious use of resources is requested.

7. It is not allowed to cook any animal products in the common kitchen.

8. Pots are not allowed inside the refrigerator.

9. Food must be properly stored in containers with lids.

10. Avoid eating inside the room.

11. Keep your assets in the rooms.

12. Keep room doors closed.

13. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, close to the parking area. Whoever smokes must be responsible for their cigarette waste.

14. Disinfect your food before putting it in common places.

15. Disinfect surfaces before and after using them (dining tables).

16. The cloths provided are for room use only.

17. It is not allowed to keep glass objects near the pool.

18. Before leaving the hotel (last day), check the refrigerator, there should be no leftover food left.

19. For common kitchen use, you must bring all kitchen utensils (pots, pans, spatula, knife, board, sponge).

Regulations for pets staying at Finca Bavaria

The hotel allows dogs to stay with prior approval and they must comply with the following regulations:

1. Polite and non-aggressive dogs.

2. They cannot climb onto beds, armchairs, etc.

3. Dogs must always be well monitored by their humans.

4. They cannot be let out while your people are inside the room, nor can they be left in the room while your people leave the hotel.

5. Guests must collect the faeces of their pets.

6. Humans who bring dogs must be 100% responsible for any damage caused by their living animals.

7. We have two canine residents: Gazú and Miciela. Don't feed them.