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History of Finca Bavaria

The southern part of Costa Rica is an unparalleled treasure. Almost 30 years ago, Rudy, the owner of the property, saw its potential and acquired the 11 hectares that make up Finca Bavaria. From then on, he made great efforts to build an access road, power lines and the aqueduct that supplies water to Finca Bavaria. The infrastructure was completed just over 20 years ago and was designed to take advantage of the wonderful view, the cool breeze and the proximity of the river and its waterfalls. Most of the area was reforested and, over time, small improvements have been made. Rudy spent his first summers in this tropical paradise, giving it a memorable atmosphere of enjoyment and camaraderie. Currently, the space maintains its warm welcome combined with tranquility and serenity.

A day at Finca Bavaria

After waking up to the sound of howling monkeys, you can drink a freshly squeezed coffee to prepare your body for the day. Then, take a walk along the “morning trail”, a path that runs through the thick vegetation of the 10 hectares of the property. You'll probably come across a couple of morpho butterflies, the odd toucan in the rainy season, maybe a white-haired monkey, hummingbirds and waterfalls.

Those who visit Finca Bavaria always remember its unparalleled sunsets, the birds and their songs, the dreamy beaches, the symphony of nature, the pleasant view from the pool, the waterfalls on the property, the delicious plant-based foods and the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Bavarian beings

Jasmine Selva F

Administrative Manager
Experimental cook

He took over the management of Finca Bavaria in 2020. Since then, he has focused on finding sustainable and respectful ways to manage space. She combines her enthusiasm for locally-focused vegan cuisine with a love for the region that saw her grow.

Gazú Bavaria

Master and Lord of Bavaria
Resident dog

An old and calm soul. He grew up in Finca Bavaria and you can tell how he has absorbed the peace of this place over the years.

Noemi Delgado

In charge of space cleaning

It fills our days with joy and good energy. He shows extensive experience and enthusiasm for traditional cuisine. She was born in Vergel de Osa, welcomed by her grandmother. Committed to waste reduction and cleaning management that does not compromise the environment.

Johan Fernández

Head of maintenance

The Finca Bavaria engine starts every morning thanks to Johan. He is very passionate about the mechanics and engineering of things. Their sensitivity to finding efficient solutions and taking care of the surroundings is admirable.

Miciela Bavaria

Mistress and Lady of Bavaria
Resident dog

His eyes look at the soul. A little dog rescued from Playa Arco who found a safe home at Finca Bavaria to share all her love.

Rudy and Doris

Founding owners of Finca Bavaria

Rudy founded Finca Bavaria in the early 2000s. His vision for a reliable infrastructure that will take advantage of the wonders of the terrain without further interfering with the environment, is evident to date in the details of the entire property. A native of Bavaria, he gives his name to the estate. Doris has been his wife since 2009 and has reinforced operations with her ingenuity, insight and charm.

Marino Ballena National Park

The PNMB constitutes the first protected Costa Rican wilderness area created exclusively for its marine resources. In addition, it represents the first marine park in Central America (UCR-FUNDEVI 1995/SINAC), and is in the eighth position as the best place for whale watching in the world, according to National Geographic. The PNMB covers an area of 5160 marine hectares and 171 terrestrial hectares with a 15 km long coastal strip that runs from the mouth of the Morete River to Punta Piñuela.


It is a small town framed by the Ballena Marine National Park. Several kilometers of white beach, rivers with abundant waterfalls and access to facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants and banks make it the main center of the area.

Protected Area

The Ballena Marine National Park includes in its land area the beaches of Uvita, Colonia, Arco, Ballena and Piñuela, while in its maritime area there are the rocks Tres Hermanas, Roca la Viuda, Isla Ballena and El Tómbol or Cola de Ballena. This diversity makes the national park composed of different environments such as cliffs, reefs, sandy beaches, stony beaches, mangroves, primary forest and forest in succession.

It has a very humid tropical forest, with a dry season that runs from mid-December to mid-April, with sporadic rains and a rainy season from mid-April to mid-December.
In terms of vegetation, the most important patches of forest are in Punta Ballena and Punta Piñuela, where you can find ojoche, cedar maria, chicozapote and lizard trees. The mangrove, in Estero Negro and surrounding areas, is made up of red mangrove, button, and salt stick.

With regard to fauna, in addition to the humpback whale, you can find species such as the spotted dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, the stingray, the hammerhead shark, the parrotfish and the macarelle. Ballena Island is also an important nesting site for white ibises; other bird species found in the park are the sea earwig and the canelo piquero.


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