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Finca Bavaria is a charming hotel located 5km south of Uvita, in the heart of Bahía Ballena, South Pacific. Just minutes from the Ballena Marine National Park, between the tropical forest and paradisiacal beaches, a beautiful view of the ocean and the jungle opens up to its guests.


At Finca Bavaria we believe that we are passing through the Earth and that the mark we leave should be as gentle as possible. This is why we are moving away from some common modes of consumption. Our vision involves:

• Use of resources.
Sustainability energy and environmental.
• Food premises.

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Our purpose is to create a positive and lasting impact on those who visit us; making them reconsider the power of every decision and the beauty of a simple and natural life.


The rooms at Finca Bavaria are surrounded by nature. They provide privacy and ensure a pleasant and deep rest. They have: hot water supplied by solar panels, large and comfortable beds, adequate lighting and ocean views.

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Our food

At Finca Bavaria we strive to promote a local, conscious and planet-friendly diet. To the extent possible, we use organic ingredients, harvested locally by friendly hands. We work with fermentation, slow cooker and 100% plant-based.


From 8am to 10am


From 6pm to 8pm

*Subject to change.

A day at Finca Bavaria

It's the experience inside and outside the 10 hectares of property; you'll have at your fingertips the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, a river with waterfalls, trails, hot coffee, delicious food, pastel sunsets and rain.

A day at Finca Bavaria will be
as unique as whoever enjoys it

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Visit and live in Finca Bavaria, be part of the responsible enjoyment and sustainable use of natural spaces.

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